Making a music video

My best friend from high school lives in San Francisco and her partner is an amazing musician. She is a women's coach and teaches a goddess course. This course inspired her boyfriend to write an entire album, each track about a different goddess. Pre-release he had a vision for a music video; a compilation of friends all over the world dancing and singing to the goddess Tara. He sent an email out weeks ago about it and I've kept the idea in my backpocket, not having an aha moment about where I would like to film. 
As we were strolling on the sound side of the Outer Banks in NC, the tide was out and I just couldn't resist the urge to run out onto the wet sand bar and leap, dance, and twirl. I loaded the song up and my partner got out his phone to film. It was spontaneous and perfect. 
I don't know how it wil contribute to the final project but I felt free and fierce, and like a total mer-goddess. 



  1. What an awesome, moving moment! Dance like no one's watching!

  2. Is this your spring break? What a fabulous photo! Yes, "total mer-goddess"!

  3. What a perfect moment to capture! This project sounds amazing!


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