Show and tell

Today was our final day of virtual preschool show and tell. The kids were so great about following the norms to listen to one another and even pose thoughtful questions at the end.

All week one of my more articulate students had been telling me how excited she was for show and tell, but making it a complete secret regarding her special item. She laughed and laughed as she coaxed me into playing a guessing game about what it would be... "A doll?" "NO!" she'd squeal. "A special photo?" "NO!" she would laugh. "Your favorite book?" "NO!" she dramatically exclaimed.

Well today was the day, the wait was over. Before the show and tell time, her mom messaged me and asked if it was okay for her to go first, because it was sort of time sensitive. 'Of course," I replied, very curious at what could E possibly be showing. 

We all logged on to Zoom again, and E's square popped up. Her and her dad were sitting side by side and her dad had the more elusive of her two cats on his lap, the cat that we have heard a lot about but rarely see on screen. 
"Ok E, the floor is yours, please tell us about your show and tell."

That poor cat. E was over the moon to tell us all about the way Tulip hides under the furniture and doesn't sleep in her bed and how much she loves her, even though she's cranky. And I couldn't help but zoom in to that poor cat's face, watching it struggle in E's dad's arms, barely putting up with this show and tell boloney.
Thank goodness for mute, because I was a fit of giggles. It was all time-sensitive, because that cat couldn't wait to bolt. 
E did a fantastic job sharing details, and her classmates had a host of questions to ask afterwards, inquiries like "Does Tulip go on a leash?" (no), "Does Tulip eat treats?" (yes), "Does tulip bite?" (yes). 
Afterwards I emailed E's folks some pictures and we all had a good laugh about the whole thing. 

It was just the perfect amount of humor to end the Thursday. Good ole show and tell. 



  1. That's one cat who does not look pleased to be part of show and tell!

  2. You could never have had the cat as a show-and-tell in-person, right?! This is a fun silver lining of the virtual days, great way to end the fun!


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