Teacher talks and turtles

This is another post about my work week from the beach with my dazzing teaching team. Today after our virtual classes ended, we had lunch on the deck (the temps finally rose above the fifties) and then decided to take our planning meeting for a walk. 

About a mile up the lazy residential street the beach house is on lies the entrance to the Nags Head Nature Preserve. The paths weave in and ot of ponds and forests, and the light green of spring is refreshing and welcoming. Today while walking we saw turtles sunning on the rocks and branches which stick out of the water, we felt a few stray raindrops fall on our heads and shoulders, and my eye caught a couple of large hawks circling over head. 

What a luxury to talk over plans and students with my team in-person! A break from Zoom, some movement in the middle of the day, and the peacefulness of being IN spring, rather than watching it unfold  through a window. 

I sure could get used to this! 


  1. Looks fabulous! Brilliant - a retreat to Nags Head! Enjoy!!

  2. What a great retreat! I loved your "peacefulness of being IN spring, rather than watching it unfold through a window." It makes such a different to be out in it.


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