The final slice...

 March 31! The last day of the Slice of Life challenge. 

I missed two days, and had some tech trouble commenting on others', but what a month! It has added a layer of reflection to my day... what to write about, what to share, how to share it....

Some days I was up and at 'em by 7am, writing my post with my morning coffee. Other days I went to bed, only to forget that I hadn't posted at 10:30pm and jump out of bed, head downstairs, and write something before the midnight deadline. 

I have never written anything like this blog. I journal and scratch at notebooks, things that are just for me, things that I rarely read ever again. I also write a lot of notes and letters to friends and family, but not for public consumption. Writing for a community like this adds so much more purpose, and freedom in the audience. I wasn't thinking about a specific person reading my words and often laughed that no one may read these words - not a lot of traffic on my blog. 

I am glad I did it, and I think I will continue to post a Tuesday Slice. 

I am thinking forward to a year from now, and how much I will treasure this documentation of my March 2021, and how I could give that gift to myself on a weekly basis. 

Thank you to the Slice community for being so welcoming and inclusive. This is a gift. 


  1. I was thinking that same thing about how fun it will be to have a little time capsule of March 2021 when we look back. Glad you enjoyed your slicing!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed this blogging month, Lacey! It has been so great to have you here. I think you are right about how much you will treasure this documentation - you've created a pandemic artifact during this month! You will love looking back on this writing. Excited that you may join in on Tuesdays as well! Congrats on your first March writing challenge!!


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